As a father of three, I am acutely aware of the problems YOU have with teenagers.

There’s nothing like the hands-on experience of being a father to tell you what works and what doesn’t! Professionally too, I am a registered psychologist having dealt with many cases on a day to day basis. The teenage years can be utterly dreadful for the adolescents and baffling or hurtful for parents who are often completely overwhelmed at a time when their children are literally crying out for help.

The results can be devastating. Confused teenagers unable to communicate their emotions and feeling lost, turning to drugs, ‘hanging out with the wrong crowd’, becoming violent, and resorting to crime. School grades suffer. Sometimes education itself is rejected. The volume of teenagers listed as ‘missing’ is terrifying. Depression for teens is becoming epidemic. Suicides rates are horrifying, and the trail of devastation often leads back to families that seemed to be so calm and pleasant only a few years before. Get this wrong, and the negative effects can and will affect your entire future. It will most certainly affect the dreams and aspirations of your child.

BUT GET IT RIGHT and a new world unfolds.

“My children are now in their 20’s – I wish I’d had this book 10 years ago! Clear, concise and comforting strategies to help parents and teens through both the difficult and rewarding years.”

Noel Guilford, Business Consultant, Guilford Consulting, Balderton, Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

You will understand and be able to respond to mood changes or self-destructive behaviour in a new and positive way. Get it right and you will know that you are really helping your son or daughter to cope with all the pressures. Of course, you may not get it right all of the time, but you want to get it right more often than not. Get it right and you WILL once again have that wonderful feeling that you were there when they needed you, you understood when they needed understanding, and gave them support when they needed a rock to lean on.

To do this merely requires you to discover some simple insights into what’s really happening when your teenage child does something irrational. There is no work involved, and even though these techniques have been psychologically proven throughout the world, you do not need to be a psychologist or a behavior expert to make them work in your life right now. Indeed some of these ideas can start to work in minutes.