You have read this far because you care, and that means there’s hope. Please read the testimonials on these pages, many from highly qualified experts. Ask yourself what the options are.

“In this book, Darryl details for us the essential issues of adolescence and the incredible experience for the teenager, the parents and the whole family….Identity with independence, but connection, what a great formula for living.

I recommend this book to all families that want to look at these crucial issues. It is an informative text, but elaborated in a warm and very human way.”

John G. McManus, Chief Psychologist, Corporate Health Services, New South Wales, Australia

“Dr Cross has created a distinctly practical and reassuring book that parents will benefit from immensely. The book includes a wealth of suggestions, ideas and specific actions that may need to be taken by parents to help them better understand situations from the teenager’s perspective and respond to them.

Parents of teenagers will appreciate not only the real-life stories and their explanations, but practitioners too would be wise to absorb the thinking and approach that has been adopted, because the book is a lesson in clarity, simplicity of writing style and contains some humor too.

This book is a MasterClass on teenage issues and hence parents and counsellors should have a copy to hand and refer to it whenever the need arises.”

Geoff Carter, Business Success Consultant, County Kerry, Ireland

“Thank you Darryl for a book that has been my ray of hope when I have felt at a loss of knowing the best way to handle various situations I have had to confront with my teenage daughter.

Your book is written in such conversational sound and practical language it is like I am receiving great insight whilst sitting down having a coffee.

It is a book that I keep coming back to as the need arises and would strongly encourage any parent of a teenager whether that teenager presents as challenging or not to get hold of it.”

Jacqui Banham, Aged-Care Consultant, South Australia, Australia

The simple fact is that a small number of strikingly effective and simple techniques are just a few moments away for less than quarter the cost of a 25 minute consultancy. That’s why I wrote the book – to empower you with the same techniques that would cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars during a face-to-face consultations or training workshops. Indeed, if a qualified consultant had to just sit here and read the book to you, the charge in time alone would be well over 500 dollars.

But this is nothing. Is there a cost to pain? Is there a price on despair? What price do you place on an investment that can very quickly resolve huge issues with your child, and enable you to form a new understanding — a new bond – that can not only revolutionise your relationship now, but have results that are carried on in future generations.

It is a widely accepted psychological truth that behaviours learned from the parents go beyond generations and here you have the opportunity of planting educational and emotional seeds that will flower in your grandchildren and great grandchildren – and beyond. That’s why I love what I do; why I love what I teach. You can to.

Instead of a 300 dollar consultancy why not invest just US$9 in your children’s future and your own peace of mind right now. You get the entire audio book professionally narrated for you in MP3 format, so you can listen in the car or on your i-pod or any other device.

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As you read this, thousands of frustrated parents – kind, honest, caring parents like you are desperately clinging on to kids who don’t understand themselves, their parents, or their friends with consequences that can be tragic. It simply requires a new understanding, a few ideas that can help build a new bridge between you and your child.

What you have to lose is incalculable. What you can gain is beyond measure.